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A recent Tomedes client had created a beautiful, word-perfect corporate brochure for his artisan Spanish foods business, which he needed in English

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Professional Spanish translation

October 19, 2016

The way you present your company to the world speaks volumes about the level of care and attention to detail that you use during everyday business operations. A sloppily worded corporate brochure can do more harm than good, which is why high quality translation is essential when reaching out to overseas markets. 

A recent Tomedes client had created a beautiful, word-perfect corporate brochure for his artisan Spanish foods business. His business was growing well and he was beginning to export goods to the UK, so needed an English version of his excellent corporate brochure. He was keen to get a high quality translation but also mindful of costs, which is why Tomedes suited him perfectly! 

After talking through is needs via our live webchat service, the client sent us his brochure for translation from Spanish to English and typesetting (as part of our desktop publishing service). Our leading Spanish to English translator, based in London, got straight to work. We always seek to use native translators in the country that the document is intended for, in order to achieve top quality translations every time. We also match our translators’ experience and interests with the type of document they are translating, as we find this makes for a faster and better quality translation service

The translator worked closely with our desktop publishing team in order to ensure that the brochure was typeset in line with the original, having first used the Tomedes word count tool to establish that Spanish and English are fairly even in terms of the number of words used to express things (which is essential to know when laying out a document in a new language to match an original!). 

The client was extremely impressed with the care and attention that the Tomedes service provided and was delighted with the resulting English brochure. 

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