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Spanish to Korean video game translation

November 15, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Our translation company prides itself on the range of language pairings that we are able to offer. We maintain a network of more than 5,000 professional translators in order to deliver translation services to clients around the globe. 

A recent client made use of our Korean translation service, in order to convert his video game from his native Spanish into Korean. His company had designed the game based around a pop music theme and he believe that it would transfer brilliantly to appeal to the vast audience of K-pop fans in South Korea. 

Tomedes has highly skilled linguists available to provide video game translation of this nature. We have worked with clients on all manner of games and understand the pressures involved in this kind of endeavour. 

For this client’s company, translation cost was a major factor. Tomedes’ combination of value for money and high quality translation expertise was the perfect blend. His company was working to a strict budget and he needed to ensure that he did not overspend on producing the Korean version of his game. By using our translation company, he was able to ensure that his figures stacked up. 

In addition to translation, the client also used Tomedes’ localization service. Localization involves advising clients on any elements of their product and the language they use that might be deemed offensive in the target language. Our Korean localization expert therefore worked closely with the client to assess his game from every angle, ensuring that there was nothing controversial that would upset a Korean audience. It was a worthwhile process – several elements of the game needed to be adapted to suit Korean cultural sensitivities. Using localization at this stage thus saved the client a lot of headaches (and expense) further down the line. 

If you have a translation or localization project in mind, speak to Tomedes today to find out how we can help. 

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