Spanish Birth Certificate Translation including an Accuracy Certification

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Spanish Birth Certificate Translation including an Accuracy Certification

February 01, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

At Tomedes, we enjoy working with large companies, but we also find that there are frequent occasions when an individual is in need of a translation for a personal document. And whenever this situation arises, we’re more than happy to help!

For example, the other day a client requiring a translation of her birth certificate contacted us. She recently moved to the UK and was required to present her birth certificate to the authorities. Having found us online, the client completed an instant online quotation, which she found to be very well priced.

The client wanted to move ahead with the translation, but wished to ask an important question beforehand: was it possible to receive some sort of quality assurance for the completed translation?

Natalie (one of our project managers) was quick to respond to the client’s query. She was happy to inform the client that we are able to provide a Certification of Translation Accuracy for any of our completed translations upon request. The Certification of Translation Accuracy is a signed PDF certificate stating that the translation is indeed true and accurate, and serves to authenticate translated documents with official channels.

Happy with this, the client commissioned the translation and work on the document began. Because the amount of text to be translated was relatively small, the translator was able to return the completed translation later that same day, which pleasantly surprised the client.

The client mentioned that she was very pleased with our service and value, and that she’d be happy to recommend us to friends too!

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