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Tomedes offers accurate Sinhala letter translation to English for law firms and businesses needing translated letters for legal and immigration purposes. With our global network of native Sinhala translators, we guarantee that each translated legal text adheres to international standards and legal systems. In this project, we exhibit our professional skills in offering high-quality translations from Sinhala to English.

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Sinhala Letter Translation for Legal and Immigration Matters

April 08, 2024

It can't be denied that the rise of immigration has led to organizations and law firms dedicated to ensuring that people can seamlessly travel and immigrate to another country. With that, translation is at the center of this new phenomenon.

However, it largely depends on the availability of language service providers for language. Rare or uncommon languages have a harder time being served in the translation industry, especially for specialized types of translations.

In our recent project, we exhibit our professional skills in offering high-quality Sinhala letter translation to English for an immigration agency, specializing in processing the legal nuances of immigration and traveling. 

Our Client

As mentioned, our client is a prominent entity in the immigration domain, assisting individuals in processing their legal documents and immigration applications. They understand that the success of their clients' immigration applications and legal proceedings hinges on clear and precise communication. Some of their clients are from Sri Lanka, and they need a reliable translation services provider specializing in the Sinhala language.

They specifically sought our services due to our notable reputation as the go-to company for translations of uncommon and rare languages. They were impressed with our 98% aggregated customer satisfaction rate across different review sites like TrustPilot, Clutch, and GoodFirms, and they wanted to try out our services themselves. 

The Project

Since they wanted to try out our services, the project they assigned to us was the Sinhala letter translation to English for legal and immigration requirements. The letters needed to be accurately translated within 24 hours.

The client requested that the translated letters capture the legal terminologies and cultural nuances, ensuring they comply with international and local regulations. 

Translating Legal Content for Uncommon Languages

Immigration can be complicated as it involves so many different factors, such as the legal, social, and cultural nuances. This is where legal translation services are vital in ensuring that multilingual legal documents accurately convey the message while complying with the legal systems where the requirements and papers are applied.

Every day, thousands of legal documents are translated into in-demand languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. But for uncommon languages like Sinhala, it can be tricky, especially for specialized content like legal and medical. It requires finding native translators who are accredited and have experience in handling these types of documents.

Translating legal documents from Sinhala requires the translator to be fluent in both languages and have a comprehensive understanding of the legal domain. The intricacies of legal terminology, coupled with the cultural subtleties inherent in the Sinhala language, necessitate a meticulous approach to maintain the message's authenticity and accuracy.

The Challenges

At Tomedes, we're used to tight deadlines and overcoming issues to accomplish our goals. However, we encountered three main challenges in this project that we should discuss, as follows:

Legal Terminology Accuracy: The precision of legal terms in translation is paramount. A single misinterpreted term can change the legal interpretation of a document, potentially impacting the case's outcome.

Cultural and Contextual Nuances: Capturing the essence of the original message, considering the cultural context and idiomatic expressions unique to Sinhala, is crucial for the translation's integrity.

Legal Deadlines Adherence: Legal and immigration processes are time-sensitive. Our client is looking for a team of translators that delivers on time without compromising on quality. 

Why Tomedes?

Thousands of businesses worldwide trust our company when it comes to Sinhalese translations and other uncommon languages because of our dedication to providing seamless language translation solutions. Language barriers can negatively affect a company's bottom line. We know that more than anyone because of our almost two decades of experience in the language industry.

However, if you're still not convinced, below are some of the other reasons why our clients trust our services:

Legal and Linguistic Expertise: To overcome legal terminology challenges, we tapped into our global network of legal translators to find the right people to handle the Sinhala letter translations. By doing so, we ensured that legal words and nuances were accurately conveyed. Our proven track record in legal translations and deep understanding of the Sinhala language set us apart.

Specialized Team: Our team of Sinhala translators is certified and trained to ensure that the cultural nuances of the original text don't get lost as it is transformed into the English language. They are not just language experts; they have a firm grounding in immigration law, ensuring that every translation meets the industry's rigorous standards.

Confidentiality and Fast Delivery: We uphold the highest confidentiality levels and focus on precision, recognizing the critical nature of legal and immigration documents. Our thorough process of translating and implementing QA evaluations was the key to achieving our objectives. This is largely due to our training in providing ISO-certified services for translation and language solutions. 

The Result

We were able to provide the Sinhala letter translations within 24 hours. Our client was amazed by how quickly we could translate the requirements they needed for the immigration process. They were pleased with the document's accurate translation and correct format, meeting local government and international legal standards.

Based on our last correspondence, they look forward to working with us on other projects in the future. They have submitted the translated Sinhala requirements and are awaiting the outcome of their client's application.


The Sinhala letter translation to English for legal and immigration purposes is more than a service—it's a crucial support system for individuals navigating these challenging landscapes. Our commitment to providing accurate, timely, and culturally aware translations underscores our dedication to empowering our clients and ensuring they have the linguistic resources to be successful in the global market.

Get started in expanding your business worldwide by working with the best in Sinhalese translation services. Get in touch with us and our global customer success team will address your inquiries immediately.

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