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On top of being the leading document translation service worldwide, we also provide audio transcription and subtitling; most recently requested by a client looking for Romanian audio transcription.

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Romanian Audio Transcription

May 24, 2010

More Than Professional Document Translation Service

When many people think of translation, they picture subtitles at the bottom of a screen, or a translator talking to a group of tourists. While Tomedes provides any kind of professional document translation, we also provide subtitling and audio transcription as well. While the rates may vary slightly from a regular straightforward document translation, you will still find that we offer you the absolute lowest translation prices found with any professional translation business.

There are a couple ways to get a free quote on an audio translation. You can get an instant free quote by using the top menu to input the total number of words to be translated. You'll receive an estimate within seconds, and be able to get a peek at our extremely low translation rates. If you do not know the total word count, than simply email us with the audio material, or any inquiry, at

Need Romanian Translators in New York? We Have Them

Recently a client needed Romanian to English audio transcription from a Romanian translator living in the U.S, with a preference for the translator's location being New York. The client required that the translator be a Romanian native or mother tongue, but any qualified translators were also required to live in the U.S. - preferably New York City. This is a requirement that many other professional translation services cannot provide, either because they are located outside of the U.S., or because they only have local or staff translators congregated in one location. However, because Tomedes has over 5,000 translators worldwide, including many in the U.S, we can provide this kind of Romanian translation service for audio transcription, including the preferred location of New York City for the translator. Tomedes has several Romanian translators in New York, ready to provide high quality document translation.

The audio clip was 2 and a half hours long, and needed only to be translated directly from the recorded Romanian audio clip into document translated form; the end result producing a complete Romanian to English document translation of the source Romanian audio clip. Other recent audio translation we have provided include translation of English to Russian for a voice over, and Spanish subtitling service.

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