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We were contacted by a customer who required a legal translation, and she knew from experience that our professional translators were up to to the job

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A quick English to Italian legal translation

September 02, 2015

With legal translation, such as a terms of sale agreement, it’s crucially important to get an accurate and precise translation, perhaps even more so than in other types of translation. So when customers consider taking out a legal translator, they require the absolute best in the field. At Tomedes, we have a wealth of experienced, human translators ready and willing to put their experienced translation skills to good use.

The other day, we were contacted by a customer who required a legal translation, and she knew from personal experience that our professional translators were up to the task.  The customer works for an estate agent, and she regularly arranges the sale and purchase of property for her clients. When she deals with a client from another nationality, she contacts us to request a translation of the terms of sale agreement, allowing her clients to read the agreement in their native tongue.

On this occasion, our customer was in the process of selling a property to an Italian client, and thus required the agreement of sale document to be translated into Italian. After contacting our team, our customer received a friendly reply and a generous quotation, which she accepted on the spot.

The translator assigned to this task was quite experienced in dealing with this sort of material, and was able to accurately complete the translation, which included a range of technical, legal terminology, and return it to the client later that same day. This efficiency and accuracy is something our customer relies on, allowing her to complete her own work as smoothly as possible.

The customer thanked our professional translator, and we look forward to working on her next terms of sale translation in the near future.

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