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A client contacted us requesting a translation of five different MP3 recordings from English into Vietnamese.

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Professional Vietnamese Audio Translation

March 08, 2015

Whilst many of our valued customers know that we provide expert written translations, some are unaware that we also offer the service to transcribe audio documents as well as translate them.

For example, a client contacted us requesting that we translate five different MP3 recordings from English into Vietnamese. The client attended a presentation in Englsih, but wished to listen to it again in her native language.

Natalie was quick to reply to the client’s email, assuring her that this wouldn’t be a problem, and also providing her with a competitive price for the audio translation.

The client was happy to hear that this was possible, and she was pleased by the affordability of our quotation too. Based on these factors, the client gave the go-ahead for the translation to begin.

Natalie selected Hao to translate and transcribe the client’s MP3 files. Hao had an understanding of the presentation’s content, which allowed him to provide an accurate localization that isn’t possible with a machine-based translation.

After a short while, Hao returned the transcribed and translated audio content to the client, who was very grateful for the quick service we provided. The client also mentioned that she’d certainly make use of our audio translation service again in the future.

If you have an audio file that you’d like to be translated and transcribed, then please get in touch with our friendly staff or receive a competitive online quotation.


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