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We were recently contacted by a new client who wished to have his entire website translated into Turkish.

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Professional turkish website translation

March 22, 2015

We were recently contacted by a new client who wished to have his entire website translated into Turkish. We often perform website translations, and our team of professional translators know what to expect when asked to perform one. We can also offer layout and stylistic assistance, should the client require it.

In this case, the client simply wished to submit a Word document containing all the necessary text from his website, which he could then upload manually. Kenette, one of our project managers here at Tomedes, was happy to give the client a quotation for the Turkish translation, and assured the client that only the most capable translator would work on his website’s text.

The client thought that the quotation’s price was extremely reasonable, and decided to take up our offer.

Kenette already had a translator in mind for this specific project: Leyla was a native speaking Turkish translator, and she had worked for our translation company for a while now, translating websites into Turkish on a number of different occasions.

The client was happy for Leyla to complete his website translation, and so she set to work on the text with haste. Thanks to her native speaking experience, Leyla was able to accurately localize the web content in addition to simply translating it word-for-word. This is a skill that only skilled human translators can accomplish, and is one of the areas where machine-based translation falls short.

The Turkish translation was returned to the client, and he was extremely happy with the quality of the finished product. The client expressed his thanks to both Kenette and Leyla for such an easy and pleasant transaction. No doubt we’ll be in touch again soon.


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