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A multimedia designer seeking a Korean translator contacted us. The client wanted a quick and highly professional translation of his design brochure.

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Professional Korean Translation of a Design Brochure

February 15, 2015

A multimedia designer seeking a Korean translator contacted us the other day. The client (based in Florida, US) wanted a quick and highly professional translation of his design brochure, which he often showed to some of his new clients. Naturally, the Korean translation would have to be of very high quality in order to impress native Korean readers.

The client received a quick reply from Kenette, one of our account managers. After the client explained his wishes, Kenette drew up a quotation for the brochure translation, which the client found to be of exceptionally good value. 

Kenette also explained that we are able to help assist customers with the formatting of a new translation, and the client was happy to take Kenette up on the offer. This is just one of the many methods that we employ to make sure our customers receive a fantastic service.

With the client’s approval, Mee-Yon, our leading Korean translator, began to work on the document. With her natural eye for design as well as her language expertise, Mee-Yon was able to produce a professional translation of the text whilst enhancing the document’s formatting.

Thanks to Mee-Yon’s experience, the brochure translation was completed and returned to the client sooner than he expected, which pleased him greatly. The client thought that the Korean translation of his design brochure looked fantastic, and he said he’d be happy to recommend us to his colleagues in the industry too.

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