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The source documents of this Japanese translation have been revised during the translation and project was completed with out any problems.

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Professional Japanese to English translation of internal documentation

May 19, 2015

One of our regular clients got back in touch with us the other day. In the past, our translation agency helped provide professional translations of the internal documentation that the client’s company uses, and the client wished to take advantage of this service again. 

The client got in touch with Jim (one of our account managers) and informed him of his request. Jim replied to the client within the hour, presenting him with a quotation that the client thought to be of extremely good value indeed. 

The client approved the project and the translation began. However, during the course of the translation, the client found some text in the original source document was outdated. Moreover, the client forgot to make a necessary change before submitting it to us for translation. 

The client quickly contacted Jim, explaining the situation. Thanks to our high-level of availability, the client received a reply within minutes. Jim explained that he’d contact the translator immediately and inform him. Thankfully, the translator was notified of the problem before he reached the outdated part of the original document, meaning that he would be able to translate the updated text when he reached that part of the manuscript. 

The client was relieved that the translator was notified in time, and because our translation company always assigns members of staff specifically to client communication, the translator was notified of the error in time. 

The client thanked Jim and our expert translator for their help, and we’ll look forward to working with him again soon.


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