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Recently a client asked us to undertake the urgent translation of a press release from English to Hebrew.

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Urgent press release translation from English to Hebrew

January 06, 2016

Tomedes is often approached by clients in need of urgent translations. From press releases to websites, our global network of professional human translators is available to assist individuals and companies with their translation needs, no matter how short the deadline. 

Recently a client asked us to undertake the urgent translation of a press release from English to Hebrew. His technology company was launching a new product that was designed to appeal to startups not just in the US but also in Israel – his plan was to target new customers in Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi all at the same time. Unfortunately, he didn’t speak Hebrew and, while he had remembered to translate his company website, his product brochure and his marketing presentation, he realised just two days before his marketing drive was due to launch that he had not translated his press release. 

Tomedes rushed to the rescue, putting our best English to Hebrew translator to work straight away. Based in Israel (it’s always better to used native speakers for the target language), he had previously translated a number of marketing and PR documents with excellent results, so we knew he was the perfect translator for the job. 

Not only did we manage to translate the press release from English to Hebrew well within the client’s deadline, we also had time for our quality assurance team to review it. In this way, me make sure that each and every translation we produce is of the best quality. It’s part of our pledge to our clients and the reason that we are confident in offering a one year guarantee for each and every translation that we produce. 

Whatever your business or personal translation needs, contact Tomedes today for an instant quote. You can also speak to us by phone, on email or via our website chat service. 

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