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A business man in the housing sector contacted us, wishing to have his presentation translated into Turkish, as he knew some of his listeners would appreciate it.

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Presentation Translation into Turkish for an International Audience

February 04, 2015

A recent trend that we’ve noticed is that individuals who are scheduled to deliver presentations to international audiences are increasingly contacting us.  The reasoning behind this is that, when giving a presentation to a group of people from different countries, having the presentation’s slides translated into the listeners native language goes a long way to impressing them!

The other day a company representative from a business in the housing sector contacted us. The client wished to have his presentation translated into Turkish, as he knew some of his listeners would appreciate it. The client found us through our website, and wanted to see if our reputation for outstanding service and exceptional value was true. 

A quick and friendly reply from Kenette (one of our account managers) was a good start, and when the client received the quotation for his presentation he was indeed impressed by our competitive pricing. Kenette further assured the new client that work on his presentation would be done by a translator with experience in both his business’ sector and translating presentations in general.

The client found it very hard to argue with this, and was happy to approve the translation there and then. Kenette chose Alara to translate the presentation based on her experience and specific expertise. Alara was able to accurately localize the presentation so that it read naturally for Turkish readers whilst retaining the technical information that the client wished to convey.

Resultantly, the client was very pleased to receive the translation back sooner than expected, and thanked both Kenette and Alara for their hard work and professional service. If the client was asked to give another international presentation, he mentioned that he’d be in touch again straight away!

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