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Brazilian Portuguese Website Localization

March 14, 2024

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of tailoring their digital presence to resonate with specific international markets. One of the countries many businesses are considering to expand to is Brazil. It is considered to be one of the world's largest economies with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $2.126 trillion in 2023.

In this project, we demonstrated our expertise in Brazilian Portuguese website localization for our client's Brazilian audience which will connect with them on a deeper cultural level.

Our Client

Our client is a financial service-based company that offers a broad range of services that cater to private individuals and businesses looking to maximize their investment and trading portfolios in local and international markets. They are no strangers to international expansion as they have offices around the world.

However, this is their first time expanding into Brazil, which is why they sought out our expertise. We have worked with them on previous projects and are familiar with how they liked their projects to be handled, especially when it comes to localizing for a target market that involves having a deep understanding of the local users’ cultural and linguistic preferences.

The Project

The project involved Portuguese website localization for various content that will be tailored to the Brazilian market. We were tasked to localize and translate from English to Portuguese these different web content: the homepage, data privacy page, service pages, landing pages, about us page, contact us page, blog content, and others. We were given only 48 hours to finish accomplishing our task.

They provided a set of instructions like how they wanted their localized website to look and being mindful of how gender-specific Brazilian Portuguese is. We appreciated their eye for detail because it ensured that as we modified the website to fit their Brazilian audience's cultural preferences and linguistic needs, it also helped us ensure that the website retained its brand identity while resonating with its users. 

Brazilian Economy: An Overlooked Gem in the Global Market

When people think of expanding into another country, they often think of marketing their business to European countries like France, Germany, and the UK. If they decide to expand into other regions, they often think of trying to enter into Asian markets like China, Japan, or Korea. However, not many think of wanting to expand their businesses into countries in Latin America.

It’s a shame really because as mentioned, Brazil’s 2023 GDP of $2.126 trillion is absolutely astounding. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), ranked Brazil as the world’s 9th-largest GDP with the 8th largest purchasing power parity.

For this very reason, our client was quick to see an opportunity to expand into Brazil. They’ve stated that they’ve read emails coming from Brazil over the years. These emails consisted of private and business clients who wished to partner with them. That is why they wanted to make their website more accessible to Brazilian users as they saw potential business growth in this market.

The Challenges

While working on the Brazilian Portuguese website localization, we encountered some challenges along the way. Below are the three major challenges that we faced throughout the website localization process, and we will examine them one by one:

Cultural and Linguistic Authenticity: The primary challenge was ensuring that translations maintained the essence of the original content while being culturally relevant to Brazilian users. To ensure that the content is linguistically accurate and culturally aligned with the preference of our client's target market, we assembled a team of native Brazilian Portuguese translators specialized in marketing and web localization to facilitate this task. Our company has a robust network of native translators worldwide, so it didn't take too long to find the right people for this time-sensitive task.

Gender-Specific Language Accuracy: With Portuguese being a gendered language, it was crucial to accurately reflect gender nuances in translations, respecting the linguistic and cultural context. For example, the adjectives in Portuguese can change depending on whether the subject is a man or a woman. So if we were to translate the word: "tall," it can either be "alto" or "alta." By working with Brazilian Portuguese translators and using advanced translation technology, we were able to ensure that gender-specific words were properly used and conveyed in the translated and localized content.

Regional Diversities: Brazil's vast regional differences posed a challenge in creating content that would be universally appealing across the country, necessitating a nuanced approach to localization. Since our client provided us with clear instructions regarding the purpose of the project and their expectations for its outcome, we knew what targeted regions in Brazil they wanted their outreach to focus on. With the help of our language professionals, we were able to localize the content that would appeal to our client's target audience. 

Why Tomedes?

Our client and thousands of businesses worldwide trust Tomedes because our flexible approach ensures that each project is tailored to their needs and goals, ensuring that their websites and online content stay true to their brand and resonate with their global customers. Below are some of the other reasons why many customers will repeatedly seek out our expertise in website localization from English to Portuguese and other languages.

Cultural Expertise: Our in-depth understanding of Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language enables us to provide localization solutions that resonate on a cultural level. With our network of thousands of native translators across the globe, we always have a team of experts ready to facilitate any task ensuring your content is culturally and linguistically accurate.

Proven Success: Our 98% customer satisfaction rate isn't just for show. Our track record in website localization demonstrates our ability to tailor content that appeals to Brazil's diverse audience, enhancing engagement and user experience. Many clients have made us their go-to localization and translation partner because of our high-quality output, tailored approach to each project, and our commitment to being transparent with all our clients regarding the issues and complexities of their projects.

Accuracy Commitment: We are dedicated to delivering precise translations, particularly concerning gender-specific language, ensuring the authenticity and relevance of the localized content. All our translated and localized content has undergone meticulous quality assurance (QA) and evaluations to ensure that the message of our clients will not get "lost in translation" and will resonate with their target audience. By combining the expertise of our language professionals with state-of-the-art technology, we not only offer fast-delivery service but also guarantee high quality in all our projects. 

The Result

The client was pleased that were able to accomplish the task a couple of hours before the deadline. After evaluating it, they were more satisfied with the outcome of the project and quickly implemented the localized content to their website.

Based on our last conversation with the client, the tailored web content led to more user interaction, showcasing a marked increase in website traffic and user engagement from Brazil. The success of their localized Brazilian Portuguese website has encouraged them to think of conducting possible conferences and seminars in Brazil to personally meet their customers and have a more physical presence in the country. 


Localizing a website from English to Portuguese and other languages requires a deep understanding of the client's goals and their target audience's preferences. Our client's success was due to them seeing an opportunity in a foreign market, to take a chance by localizing their online presence to improve user engagement and increase sales.

If you're looking to expand to Brazil and the broader Portuguese market, contact us today and our customer success team will assist you right away.

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