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Competing in an international market often requires document translation, such as the Portuguese to English tender translation completed by Tomedes.

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Portuguese to English Business Tender Translation

June 26, 2014

Competing in an international marketplace is a challenging undertaking and one that often requires business document translation, such as the Portuguese to English business tender translation completed by Tomedes last week. 

The client, a Portuguese company looking to expand its activities overseas, was engaged in a competitive tendering process to run services in the UK. He had written the required tender documents in his native Portuguese and needed a translator to turn them into flawless business English in order that he could submit the tender. 

Tomedes was happy to help, quoting an extremely competitive rate for the work. The client was impressed and immediately hired us to undertake the job. We turned to our leading business translator, based in Wimbledon. Tomedes always uses human translators based in the target language’s country – we don’t rely on machine translation and we don’t take shortcuts. Professional translation is a skilled art and one that we believe in carrying out perfectly every time. 

Within a week, the client had a set of flawlessly translated tender documents, ready for him to submit to the organisation procuring the services. Thanks to Tomedes’ fast and efficient service, he was able to submit the documents on time, while keeping the cost well within his budget.


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