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Client decided to get in touch with Tomedes because he needed to translate the completed app into various different languages

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Portuguese mobile app translation for a philosophy website

May 15, 2015

We were contacted by a new client from London, UK, who manages a philosophy website. The website has a popular-level focus, intending to introduce new readers interested in the subject to important concepts and philosophers, as well as providing a forum for discussion. Recently, the client began developing a smartphone app, intending to transfer each area of the website (with sizeable sections dedicated to articles, videos and ebooks) into the mobile app, as well as provide notifications for new blog posts or forum replies.

This was a significant undertaking for our client, and he decided to get in touch with Tomedes because he needed to translate the completed app into various different languages. But to begin with, the client only wanted a Portuguese translation of his app, with more work to follow if he was pleased by our level of quality and service.
The client was impressed by our quick reply to his enquiry and the affordable quotation for the Portuguese app translation, and he commissioned the project to begin. Our leading Portuguese translator set to work on the project, and thanks to her previous experience of translating both iOS and Android apps, she was able to translate the text from the app’s source code directly, saving the client considerable time.

Because the website was quite large, the client thought that the project would take while to complete. But he was pleasantly surprised to find the completed app translation returned to him before the agreed deadline. In fact, the client was so pleased by this, he went on to commission further translations of his app into other languages.

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