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A recent Tomedes client had written a technical document in his native Portuguese, but needed an English version.

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Portuguese to English technical document translation

September 26, 2018

With its origins in the Latin spoken by Romanized Celts and boasting some fascinating Moorish influences, Portuguese is an exciting language that is spoken by people as far afield as Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome e Principe, Mozambique, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau. 

A recent Tomedes client had written a technical document in his native Portuguese, but needed an English version. He spoke English very respectably, but knew that his grasp of English grammar was not sufficient to produce a written version of his document that would be entirely accurate. As such, he turned to Tomedes for help. 

After using our online quote to find out the cost of his Portuguese translation, the client chatted with the friendly Tomedes team by email in order to clarify his needs. Naturally, we were delighted to be able to help.

Our Portuguese translator started by using the free Tomedes Text Summarizer Tool to gain an understanding of the lengthy document’s core messages. The tool reduced the full document to summary paragraphs, which meant that the translator could better appreciate the context of his work. He then got started with the translation. 

Technical translation of this nature requires a particular skillset. Documents tend to be detailed and very dry, so need a great deal of focus throughout the job. This is one of the reasons that Tomedes maintains a large network of translators based not just on the language pairings that they offer but also on their sector-specific knowledge and experience. 

In this case, that experience served the client very well. Our translator provided him with a flawless English version of this technical document, well before the deadline that the client had set for the project. 

Whatever your translation needs may be – from technical documents to salesy brochures – the Tomedes team can help. Just let us know which languages you need and we’ll spring into action! 

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