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Portuguese to English real estate translation

July 31, 2019

By Ofer Tirosh

Cross-border real estate investment is big business and the market is alive and well. That’s why many investors turn to professional translation services to support their investment decisions. After all, the right real estate translation could make the difference between the investor opting for a hugely profitable development and one that struggles to break even. 

According to this survey on cross-border capital investment from Statista, 35% of respondents are expecting an increase in cross-border capital investment in European real estate markets during 2019 (with just 8% of respondents projecting a decrease). For a recent Tomedes client, it was a Portuguese real estate opportunity that had caught his eye. 

Professional Portuguese to English translation 

Our expert Portuguese real estate translator was delighted to be able to help out with this job. Her background includes financial translation experience as well as extensive property work, meaning that she was ideally positioned to help the client understand the investment materials that he had been given. 

Accurate real estate translation 

With excellent language skills and a deep-rooted love of all things property-related, our translator happily got to work on the client’s documents. The translation was a varied one, ranging from financial projections for the development to details of the local area and a history of the site. There was also plenty of information on what the finished properties would look like, including detailed specifications. 

Our translator worked her way quickly but carefully through each document, presenting the information in flawless English so that the client was able to read it in his native language. The client was delighted with the result, as the high quality translation meant that he was able to make the decision as to whether or not to pursue the investment. 

Happy translation customers around the world

The client has joined the ranks of satisfied Tomedes customers around the world. We operate at a 95% satisfaction rate globally, with clients praising not only the quality of our translations but also our friendly customer service and helpful staff. We will continue to enhance our service to push this score even higher over the months and years ahead! 

Meeting a range of translation needs

You might not be an international real estate investor, but that doesn’t mean that Tomedes isn’t here to help. Whatever language pairing or sector specialisation you’re looking for, why not discuss the details with our team and see how we can support you to reach your translation goals? 

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