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Tomedes recently helped a retired couple purchase their dream home, by undetaking a Portuguese to English real estate translation for them.

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Portuguese to English Mortgage Agreement Translation

November 20, 2014

Tomedes was pleased to be able to help a retired couple purchase their dream second home recently, thanks to the Portuguese to English real estate translation that we undertook for them. 

The couple had planned to purchase a holiday home in Portugal for many years and had finally found the house of their dreams. They needed Tomedes to translate the deeds of the house from Portuguese to English, along with the mortgage agreement, so that they could be sure of what they were signing up to.

We were happy to help and assigned one of our translators based in Darlington to undertake the work. With Portuguese parents and a part-time job as a receptionist in an estate agency, we knew he was the ideal person to complete the work. 

Our translator worked on the property deed and mortgage document, translating them from Portuguese to flawless English over the course of just over a week. The retired couple were thrilled with the translated documents – they were able to fully understand the commitment they were entering into and to go ahead with their house purchase. 

They have now spent their first two weeks in their Portuguese holiday home and are very happy with it. Tomedes is pleased to have played a part in making their dreams come true.  


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