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One of our regular clients works for an electronics company that�'s beginning to branch out into other European countries.

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English to Polish Internal Correspondence Translation

December 31, 2014

One of our regular clients here at Tomedes got back in touch again recently. This particular client works for an electronics company that’s beginning to branch out into other European countries, and the client wanted our support to help translate some internal correspondence for their new Polish branch.

Nadia, a project manager at Tomedes, was quick to reply to the request and sent out a quotation within the hour. The client remembered Nadia from previous contracts, and appreciated that she was able to get in touch with Nadia directly via email. This sort of friendly availability is something that our regular clients really appreciate.

The client approved the quotation, and she knew from firsthand experience that both value and quality is something our clients can expect. Nadia selected a native-speaking translator with extensive experience of translating business correspondence, and the translation was soon underway.

During the course of the translation, the client asked if the completed translation could be directly forwarded to the Polish department, and due to our commitment to outstanding customer service and the desire to make our clients’ lives easier wherever possible, Nadia was happy to comply.

Resultantly, the translation was completed on time and sent to the relevant recipients directly. The client thanked Nadia for orchestrating everything, and asked Nadia to pass on her gratitude to Kevin, the talented translator who worked on her document.

We look forward to supporting this client again in the future!

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