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A client asked Tomedes to translate a range of legal papers from Polish to US English, as he tried to sort out a distant relative's estate

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Polish to US English legal document translation

July 06, 2016

Legal document translation is one of Tomedes’ specialist translation services. We translate everything from official forms and letters to documents, for both business and personal clients. 

A client recently asked Tomedes to translate a range of legal papers from Polish to US English, as he tried to sort out a distant relative’s estate. While he had spoken some Polish as a child, lack of use meant that his language skills were very rusty and he needed flawless translation in order to understand what he was dealing with. 

We were delighted to help. As our translations are always provided by professional human translators, Tomedes’ clients can be certain they won’t receive the kind of clumsy, stilted translation that is representative of text that a computer has converted from one language to another. Instead, our translations are completed by leading human translators and then check over by our quality assurance team in order to ensure that they are 100% accurate. 

For this individual, we turned to one of our team of leading Polish translators based in New York. We always seek to use a native of the target language so as to ensure the best possible and most naturally flowing translation of the text. It’s another of the reasons for our great reputation for accurate translation. 

Our Polish to English translator worked quickly and methodically through the client’s papers. His legal background meant that the legal jargon used in some of the documents posed no problem and within the week he had translated the client’s stack of papers. 

The client was delighted to have received such prompt support in his time of need. The professional Polish translation service that he received from Tomedes meant that he was able to move forward with sorting out his relative’s estate without delay. 

Whether your translation needs are personal or corporate, Tomedes can help. Our network of more than 5,000 professional translators operates 24/7, so contact us today for details of how we can support you. 

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