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For this client's English to Hebrew business translation, we utilised one of our most experienced translators in Tel Aviv

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Policy and procedure pack translation from English to Hebrew

November 11, 2015

Companies that operate in multiple countries often require policies, procedures and other corporate documents to be translated into multiple languages. Accurate and efficient translation is essential to ensure that all employees are working to the same rules and guidelines, regardless of the country in which they happen to be located. 

At Tomedes we ensure that our translators have strong business backgrounds in order that they have relevant subject knowledge when undertaking translations. For this client’s English to Hebrew business translation, we utilised one of our most experienced translators in Tel Aviv. We always seek to use native translators in this way, so that their linguistic skills allow for the best quality translation. 

The client also requested that the translated policies and procedures be laid out in the format of a numbered manual, just as the original English documents were. This posed no problem for Tomedes – we have a skilled desktop publishing team capable of laying out our clients’ translated documents in a format that mirrors the original documents. 

This was a lengthy job due to the number of policies and procedures, with our translator working on the documents for nearly three weeks. As each one was finished, it was checked by our quality assurance team to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the translation. We kept the client updated daily, in line with her requirements, so that she was at all times on top of the latest progress. 

The client was delighted with the final, Hebrew translation of the policy and procedure pack. It was precisely what she needed in order to ensure that all of the companies staff were working to the same guidelines. 

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