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Certified translation can play a key role in speeding up dealing with immigration officials, as this Tomedes client recently found out

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Certified translation of personal documents from Portuguese to US English

October 21, 2015

Dealing with a country’s immigration service is often a lengthy process and sometimes a tricky one too. Certified translation can play a key role in speeding up the process and in ensuring that immigration officials have everything that they need in good time. This can make a surprising amount of difference in many countries. 

A client recently came to Tomedes for assistance with his move from Brazil to the US. He needed a variety of documents translated from Portuguese into US English, including his birth certificate, marriage certificate and education and qualification certificates. He also needed a certificate of translation in order to confirm the authenticity of the translated documents. 

Tomedes was delighted to be able to help. We sent the job over to our best document translator, based in the US city of Boston. She started work immediately and within just three days we had presented the client with his batch of translated certificates and other documents, along with a certificate of translation. 

Working on documents such as these emphasises the importance of using professional human translators whose native language is that of the target document. It is the only way to ensure accurate translation that is of a high enough standard to be fit for purpose. 

Here at Tomedes we are dedicated to always using human translators and we have a network of them spread around the globe so that we can cover a huge range of language pairings. It means that whatever you want translated and whatever language you need, we have professional, experienced team members on hand to assist you. 

Why not test us out today? Let us know what you need translated and we will get straight back to you with a quote. Then you can see for yourself how fast and accurate the Tomedes translation service is. 

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