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The client requested an English translation of a Norwegian legal testament, which naturally had to be completed with the highest level of accuracy.

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A Norwegian translation of a legal testament

August 07, 2015

At Tomedes, we frequently deal with clients who either work for law firms or who require legal translation services. On this occasion, a new client got in touch with us to make use of our legal translation service. The client requested a Norwegian translation of an English legal testament, which naturally had to be completed with the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Kenette (one of our account managers) responded to the client’s enquiry email within the hour, stating that our translation company would be happy to help out. The well-priced quotation was very appealing to the client, but the client did want to be sure that our translators were up to the task and that there was some sort of guarantee for the completed translation.

Kenette was able to assure our client that Tomedes only chooses translators who have experience of working on similar documents, equipping them with the knowledge and experience they need to make a quick and accurate translation. Kenette also explained that all of our translations come with our Certification of Translation Accuracy certificate, which states that the completed translation is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is able to be presented with the translation to official bodies.

These factors put the client’s mind at ease, and she authorized the translation to commence. One of our leading Norwegian translators soon began to work on the project, and because the testament was only a few pages long, it was returned to the client on the same day.

The client was happy with this outcome and expressed interest in working with our translation company again in the future.

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