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Journalism translation is needed for anything from science and medical journals to very specific niche publications like tattoo magazines, which we have also recently provided journalism translation service for.

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News and Journalism Translation

June 05, 2010

News and journalism translation from one language to another is important for various journals, publications, websites, and other media that specialize in both general and specific topics. Publishers of medical journals often need translators with specific knowledge or general medical terminology knowledge, to provide medical journal translation from global sources. Likewise with science, information technology, art and even fashion and design. Whether topics and niches are specific or broad, news and journalism translation in any industry is important in order to stay informed and relay industry news to professionals as well as the general public. To get a free quote for any media and news translation, journalism translation or even news for medical translation, simply send us your files and documents using the menu on the left. You'll receive an immediate estimate of our services, revealing the lowest translation prices you can find with any professional document translation service.

Journalism Translation for Medical Journals, Magazines, and Website Translation Service

An example of a recent specialized news translation was for a medical journal in Providence, R.I. Providence releases a monthly published medical journal, containing medical news from around the world. This particular client in Providence (specific details are not permitted to be disclosed due to strict non-disclosure agreements) requested Brazilian Portuguese translation of medical news and terminology. Because medical news is somewhat less technical than other kinds of medical document translation, the technical translation requirements were less stringent. This kind of publication translation can be provided translators who are R.N.s, pharmacy techs, and even medical students, as opposed to other types of extremely technical translations.

Other forms of magazine and journalism translation we have provided recently was for English to Spanish translation for a tattoo magazine. This kind of media translation was more general, even artistic, in focus; requiring someone more knowledgeable with literary translation, art and entertainment. In the past, we have provided similar translations: Russian literary translation, magazine and ezine translation, international news blog translation, and even audio recorded and subtitle translation. We've also provided various forms of media and news translation as part of website translation service, or localization of web pages and user interface, Regardless of the document or media form, style or niche, the 5,000+ worldwide translator resource we have, along with years of experience and the lowest translation rates anywhere, all enable us to provide professional translation service for pretty much anything.

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