Facilitating Responsible Sourcing Through Multilingual Communication

Effective multilingual supply chain communication is at the core of responsibly sourcing metals and minerals, making specialist interpretation services crucial.

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Facilitating Responsible Sourcing Through Multilingual Communication

December 19, 2023

Supply Chain Communication in Multiple Languages

Responsible sourcing in the modern supply chain industry means being proactive and accountable for matters relating to environmental management, human rights, and business integrity. With so many materials sourced from overseas, clear and effective supply chain communication in multiple languages is often required to ensure a business can take a robust and ethically responsible approach to sourcing.

Our Client

Ethically motivated and with extensive international supply chain communication experience, our client provides consultancy services to businesses around the globe. The client supports them to source materials responsibly, keeping everyone from investors to end consumers happy, while also benefiting people and the planet. Using translation and simultaneous interpretation services is a key part of that approach, ensuring effective communication with suppliers at all levels of the chain.

The Project

The client recently held a Zoom webinar on the responsible sourcing of metals and minerals, advancing communication in supply chain management by connecting with her customers in both English and French. We supported her to do so with simultaneous interpretation, meaning all participants could follow the dialogue in real-time. Dealing with technical subject matter such as industry standards and EU legislation during dynamic, live supplier communication sessions like these takes exceptional language skill, concentration, and attention to detail.

The Importance of Communication in Supply Chain Management

Clear communication in supply chain discussions is essential, as we can see if we break this down a bit.

Why is communication important in purchasing and supply? Because otherwise purchasers cannot ensure their products are created in line with required standards, such as EU legislation around responsible sourcing.

What can happen when there is a lack of communication in the supply chain? This introduces scope for irresponsible sourcing to go unchecked, contributing to environmental harm and human rights abuses.

How effective communication improves supplier relationships: Effective communication that breaks down language barriers can grow trust and support greater business relationship integrity.

The Challenges

Working with technical subjects can be challenging.

Simultaneous Interpretation Complexities: Only highly skilled interpreters can deliver information in real-time, supported by an appropriate technical setup.

Expertise Requirement: Interpreters working with technical subject matter in a dynamic, live communication setting must be well versed in the relevant terminology and experienced at dealing with the demands of the topic.

Technical Translation Accuracy: There is no scope for error with technical translation. Interpreters must deliver accurate terminology. Otherwise, they risk creating confusion.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes aligned with this client’s needs particularly well.

1-Year Quality Guarantee: We are committed to our clients’ long-term satisfaction and exceptional service quality. The client could trust the quality of our interpretation service.

Industry Expertise: We evidenced specialized knowledge in the field of supply chain management and responsible sourcing, so the client knew the supplier communication aspect of her webinar would be outstanding.

Fast Delivery: Tomedes’ efficient and timely service ensured the client could plan and deliver her webinar rapidly.

The Result

The importance of communication and cooperative planning in supply chain partners cannot be overstated. Without effective supply chain communications, responsible sourcing is impossible. Armed groups financing the extraction of metal and minerals, human rights abuses, and environmental destruction can all too easily be at the heart of sourcing processes. Hence the need for robust communication in supply chain affairs.

Businesses that commit to integrity and responsibility in their sourcing can help to head off all these issues. However, language barriers often make matters difficult, making high-quality translation and interpretation services crucial for ensuring responsible sourcing that complies with national and international legislation, for the benefit of all those involved.


If your business understands the importance of communication in supply chain management and wants to commit to responsible sourcing, Tomedes can help. You can speak to us 24/7 about our specialist translation and interpretation solutions for international businesses.

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