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Demands for localization of mobile applications and operating systems have gone up in the past few years, which has put our localization experts to work. Most recently this involved mobile OS localization for Russian, Japanese, Icelandic, Czech, Korean and German languages.

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Localization for Mobile Apps and OS

April 06, 2012

Localization for Mobile Apps and Operating Systems 

Mobile operating systems and software applications have gone up in demand drastically within the past several years, since smartphones have become mainstream.  While free apps and apps that cost a few bucks may not invest in language localization services, major companies and globalized enterprises must employ extensive language localization for mobile apps and operating systems, before they can be distributed to their respective regions and cultures.  Recently, Tomedes Translation Service provided localization services for a major mobile operating system and software company, which requested services for six different languages. 

The project consisted of several xml spreadsheets with various directions in regards to voicemail set-up and retrieval, SMS and text systems, user interface, and many other components.  Special instructions were provided according to English to Russian translation, Icelandic and Czech translations, Japanese translation, Korean translation, German and Hebrew translations.  Each language, of course, came with its own separate set of instructions according to set up and interface for the mobile phone operating system.

Localization Services and Processes

Localization services are unique in the sense that they are very integral for the globalization and internationalization of technological tools, systems and products.  Information technology cannot be distributed on a global scale without professional localization services.  Some of the things that localization services provides translation for, in addition to written language:

  • Audio voice-overs and audio translation - in this particular case, voicemail messaging systems required audio translation and localization for pre-recorded messages and audio directions for VM retrieval and related user content.
  • Asset Integration and Contextual Media  - Localization processes for mobile OS and software may include asset integration, but this depends upon how much responsibility is given to both the development team and the localization service team.
  • Linguistic Testing - this is an extemely important component of localization processes.  Linguistic testing conducts trials on a controlled group of subjects, or may use an industry expert to test each section thoroughly.  Linguistic testing must be performed to ensure all timing is correct; that audio is synced with visual media, voice-overs are timed correctly and with the right number of words per screen, and also tests various art assets like graphics, cinematic and other visual modifications.  Obviously some of these are less involved with mobile phone operating systems and software apps, as there is much less need for audio-to-visual syncing and so forth.

Every distributor and developer who releases localized versions of any technology, video game, software, or any other product intended for global markets - should consider and research his audience and market, before development and localization processes.  Depending upon the industry, sim-ship (simultaneous shipment) of all localized translation  versions are imperative for the most profit and return on investment.  If localized versions are released after the main English version, for example, in countries like the Netherlands and Russia, the localized releases may be useless, because of the heavy English-speaking populations in both countries, and also due to things like piracy. 

Tomedes has provided authoritative, professional localization services for many industries within IT and entertainment, for over a decade.  Our translators and localization experts are not only trained in these industries with specialized skills, but our proofreading and quality assurance processes reinforce the guarantee of accurate, quality localization services, whether for video game localization, software localization, website localization or any other task requiring professional language services.

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