Tomedes Provides Translations in the Medical Field for Non-Native Stakeholders

Tomedes helps a leading healthcare network provide exceptional services to a diverse patient community thanks to its translation solutions in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.

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Medical Translation from English to Multiple Languages

July 20, 2023

Tomedes Provides Translations in the Medical Field for Non-Native Stakeholders

Clear and precise communication is the lifeblood of any industry and a crucial element to its successful operation. However, within the sphere of healthcare, this element takes on an even more critical role. In this domain, a misunderstanding or miscommunication can literally mean the difference between life and death. This is where the transformative power of translation steps in, as it bridges gaps and mitigates potential risks associated with language barriers. 

A remarkable example of this is the recent project undertaken by Tomedes for a leading healthcare network. We embarked on a project that involved medical translation from English to several other languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Arabic, and Latin American Spanish. 

This extensive project also included desktop publishing (DTP) services, ensuring that the translated documents maintained their original layout and design. The client sought to ensure through this initiative that every patient, irrespective of their origin or primary language, received the high-quality healthcare they deserved.

Medical Communication Across Borders

The client, a prestigious healthcare organization rooted in Canada, offers an expansive portfolio of services from primary to post-acute care, with a special focus on rehabilitation, palliative, and long-term care services. This comprehensive network also places significant importance on pioneering research and education. Catering to a diverse demographic, the healthcare organization recognized the pressing need to make their resources accessible to patients from a range of linguistic backgrounds.

In particular, the organization identified a requirement for multilingual medical brochures. These brochures, containing step-by-step explanations of various procedures, served as crucial informational tools for patients, helping them understand what to anticipate during a procedure and how to facilitate a smooth recovery afterwards. To provide these in languages such as Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Arabic, and Latin American Spanish was the main challenge.

Furthermore, to uphold the organization’s visual identity, the translated documents had to maintain the consistency of the original design, including the network’s letterhead. This uniformity was important not only for the brand’s aesthetics but also to offer a familiar and reassuring feel to the patients. So, the organization was in search of a comprehensive solution that could address both their linguistic and design-related needs.

Choosing Tomedes

Choosing the right partner for such a pivotal translation project was an important decision for the healthcare network. Tomedes emerged as the clear choice as a result of our impressive linguistic capabilities and well-established reputation. Our proficiency extends across more than 950 languages, which provided the healthcare network with the assurance that we could deliver a smooth and efficient translation process for all the languages they required. That way, the client did not have to worry about collaborating with multiple language service providers. 

Tomedes also holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification, a stringent quality management standard that the healthcare network required. Our proficiency in translations in the medical field, including intricate fields like medical devices and medical records, also positioned Tomedes as the optimal partner for the healthcare network’s ambitious multilingual project.

A Transformative Project to Transform Lives

Tomedes collaborated meticulously with the healthcare network to assure a seamless, effective translation process for its crucial medical brochures. Our team was laser-focused on ensuring the final translations were not only precise but also culturally attuned and easy to comprehend for the diverse patient community.

Our first step involved selecting translators who were more than mere linguistic experts. We needed individuals who were well-versed in the medical domain and were native speakers of the target languages. So, we carefully handpicked translators with a deep understanding of the medical field and extensive experience with the respective cultures. This delicate selection process ensured that the translations captured the essence, nuances, and cultural contexts of the original text, ultimately resonating with the target patients.

The role of the project manager was pivotal in this process. Not only did she oversee the entire project, but she also acted as a bridge between the client and the translators. Regular updates were shared with the client to keep them informed about the progress and to clarify any doubts about the source text. This consistent communication ensured that the project was always aligned with the client’s specific requirements.

In the final step, the specialized DTP team at Tomedes took the reins. They took painstaking care to maintain consistency in the layout, typography, and overall visual identity across all translated documents. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the brochures, in each language, were visually identical, providing a strong and reassuring visual identity for all patients, irrespective of their language.

The entire medical translation process was underpinned by Tomedes’ unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, which enabled us to provide a stress-free experience from the beginning to the end.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The healthcare network was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project and expressed how these newly translated materials had the potential to reach a broader patient demographic.

This success story underscores the broader capabilities of Tomedes. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive language solutions to healthcare networks and medical institutions worldwide. With our broad linguistic expertise and deep understanding of the medical field, we are committed to supporting the global healthcare sector in their quest to provide quality healthcare for all, regardless of language or cultural background.


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