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A regular client challenged the Tomedes team with a marketing document that needed translating from English to German in under 24 hours

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Urgent marketing translation from English to German

July 17, 2016

At Tomedes we are well equipped to deal with urgent translations. Clients who are in a hurry can obtain an instant quote from our website, so that they know from the outset what the translation cost of the job will be. We also offer a live chat service on our website, so clients with urgent jobs can immediately discuss them with the Tomedes team. 

Behind the scenes, we operate a global translation network involving more than 5,000 translators. This means we can provide 24/7 translation services across a huge range of language pairings. 

A regular client recently put our urgent translation service to the test by giving the Tomedes team a marketing document that needed translating from English to German in under 24 hours. Naturally we got to work straight away, assigning one of our team of German translators to start work immediately. 

Aware of the client’s short deadline, our German marketing translator worked swiftly to translate the client’s document, which was an advertorial piece due for publication in the following days. The translation had to be word-perfect, as the client planned to use it in a print magazine as well as on his website. As the client also planned to promote the document on his social media accounts, our German translator was also tasked with translating a handful of Tweets and brief Facebook posts to accompany the advertorial. 

As a professional translation agency, we are unfazed by short deadlines. Our translations are completed to the same rigorous standards, regardless of how long we have to work on them. We even have an in-house quality assurance process to ensure that each translation is checked for accuracy before it is sent to the client. 

This particular client was delighted by the fast and responsive service we were able to provide – it’s why he keeps coming back to Tomedes for his translations! 

If you need translation in a hurry, contact the Tomedes team now to find out how we can help. 

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