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Latin was the language of the Roman Empire and it is also the root of many legal terms

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Latin Translation of Historical Document

September 17, 2013

Latin was the formal language of the Roman Empire and many other languages were derived from Latin. Those in need of a Latin translators should hire someone who is an expert in the language and has studied it in detail.

Most recently, the Latin translators at Tomedes took on the task of translating a historical religious document for a historian in the United States. The document was in Latin and the historian wanted it translated into English so he could use it for a book he was writing. The text was 58 pages long and it took a team of our two best Latin translators just two business days to get the final product back to the client.

Latin Translations

Latin translation requests are often received for legal documents, as Latin is the root of many legal terms. Our translators are capable of translating legal documents of all shapes and sizes.

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