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Tomedes worked with a client to complete the translation and localization of her video game from English to Korean

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English to Korean video game translation and localization

May 15, 2016

Tomedes was recently asked to undertake the translation of a video game for a new client. She approached us via our web chat service to discuss what was required and during the course of the discussion it became clear that the client would benefit from our localization services as well as our translation services. 

Localization is a skilled art. It allows the messages from the original document to be translated while adapting them to the culture and customs of the new audience. Something that is acceptable or taken for granted in one country may be entirely unacceptable to or lost on an audience in another country. That’s where professional localization services come in. 

The client was delighted that Tomedes was able to provide such a thorough service in translating and localizing her video game from English to Korean. She was even more pleased when she received our quote for the work, which offered excellent value for money and which she quickly accepted. 

The translation was a big job and our top Korean translator got to work swiftly in order to meet the client’s deadline. Her production schedule was tight and there was no room for slippage, so each section of the translation was sent to our internal quality assurance team as soon as it had been translated. Once approved, it was then sent on to the client. 

Tomedes is happy to work with clients in whichever way suits them best. For this client, receiving one translated section at a time was ideal. Others prefer to wait until the entire translation is available before it is sent to them. Either way, the Tomedes team works with clients to deliver a personalized and professional translation service. 

Contact us today for further details on how we can be of assistance with your corporate or personal translation project. 

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