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A client who works on restoring and uploading old films to the internet recently got in touch with us, requiring to translate the subtitles of his latest project into English.

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Japanese to English Short-film Subtitles Translation

January 07, 2015

A client who works on restoring and uploading old films to the internet recently got in touch with us. The client wished to have the subtitles of his latest project translated into English, and he heard of Tomedes’ reputation for flawless translations at a competitive price point.

Jim (Tomedes’ account manager) responded to the client’s initial enquiry, thanking him for his interest and sending him a quotation for the project. 

Before commissioning the project, the client wanted to ensure that the translator chosen to work on the film had a native speaking ability, and Jim was able to assure the client that any translator assigned to a project by Tomedes is required to have native speaking ability.

The client was happy with this guarantee, and so decided to authorize the translation.  

As the amount of text required to be translated was small, the translator was able to complete the project before the end of the day, returning it to the client’s inbox in less than 24 hours. Needless to say, the client was overjoyed by the speed of the translation process, and asked Jim for the translator’s name so he could credit her in the film!

The client remarked that he expected to use our service again in the future, and Jim assured him that he could get back in contact with Jim directly without having to submit an initial request again.

At Tomedes, we try to take every possible measure to ensure that our clients are pleased with our service, and we hope that you’ll consider adding your name to our rapidly growing list of satisfied clients! 

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