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Japanese to English Legal Document Translation

February 03, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Last week a new client asked Tomedes to translate a large batch of legal documents from Japanese to English. This is a frequently requested language pairing, so Tomedes maintains a network of Japanese to English translators in order to ensure that we always have translators ready to get to work.

Tomedes employs a sophisticated matching system, so that the subject of each translation job is carefully aligned with the skills and background of each translator. As this client’s request was for the translation of legal and financial documents, we turned to our best Japanese translator based in Birmingham. With a legal background, we knew he was the perfect person for the job.

The client has been clear that accuracy was of the utmost importance. This comes naturally to Tomedes – we pride ourselves on providing flawless translations. After the translator had produced the English version of the documents, we turned to another member of our team to undertake a comprehensive proofread of them. By doubling up our team members in this way, we ensure that the proofreading and other quality assurance checks are undertaken by a fresh pair of eyes.

The client was impressed with the accuracy of the finished documents, as well as with the low price that Tomedes charged for the service. Indeed, he was so happy that is planning to ask us to undertake further translation work for him next week. 

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