Japanese Technical Translation for the Global Engineering Sector

Tomedes offers top-quality Japanese technical translation solutions for global engineering firms. Our team of native Japanese translators is skilled in translating patent applications, safety documentation, operating and user manuals, AD drawings, and comprehensive technical specifications to ensure that the translations are precise and accurate. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in translating technical documents from English to Japanese.

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Japanese Technical Translation for the Global Engineering Sector

April 18, 2024

The engineering sector has become ever increasingly in high demand over the years. Because of this, global engineering firms that conduct international trade and conduct research and training have heavily relied on companies specializing in technical translations.

In this project, we demonstrate our almost two decades of experience in providing Japanese technical translation solutions for global engineering firms needing to translate technical documents for the Japanese market.

Our Client

Our client is a renowned multinational engineering firm that has been expanding into the Japanese market. They are rigorous in their standards and innovative engineering solutions. Because of this, they require translations that align perfectly with the technical and regulatory nuances of Japan's engineering sector and legal system.

Unlike other clients, they have established a close tie with Tomedes and understand the flow of how their projects will be managed. With half a decade of partnership, they know they can trust us in ensuring that the engineering translations from English to Japanese accurate, ensuring it upholds the integrity and precision necessary for market compliance and operational success.

The Project

The project will handle technical translations from English to Japanese for engineering documents, such as patent applications, safety documentation, operating and user manuals, AD drawings, and comprehensive technical specifications. They need the documents within 48 -72 hours so they can evaluate them and proceed with their application and comply with Japan's regulations and local laws to get started with their project and business operations.


Each document is essential for the seamless operation and local integration of our client's engineering solutions in Japan, making the accuracy of these translations crucial for the project's overall success.

Why Japanese Technical Translations are Essential in Engineering

Japanese technical translations play a pivotal role in the engineering sector, particularly for projects that span across diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes like those in Japan. The engineering field, characterized by its precision, compliance needs, and reliance on highly specific technical data, demands exactness in communication to ensure project accuracy and safety.

When dealing with complex projects such as infrastructure development, electronics manufacturing, or automotive engineering, the specific terminologies and standards must be flawlessly translated to maintain the integrity of the technical content.

For instance, Japan has stringent engineering standards that vary significantly from those in the West. Translations that misinterpret these standards can lead to serious operational failures and legal repercussions. Therefore, precise translations are not just a matter of linguistic accuracy but are critical for legal and functional compliance in a highly regulated environment.

Project Challenges

Tomedes is no stranger to encountering challenges when it comes to handling translation projects involving technical documents. Besides tight deadlines and overcoming linguistic barriers, some challenges persist throughout the project. So, we will delve into the three main challenges, as follows:

Precision in Terminology: Translating complex engineering terms and data requires a translator who is not only fluent in Japanese but also has a profound understanding of the engineering field. Any discrepancy in terminology can lead to significant setbacks in project implementation and compliance.

Adherence to Regulatory Standards: Japan's technical standards and regulations are continuously evolving. Staying updated and ensuring that all translations reflect these changes is essential for maintaining legal and operational compliance.

Synchronization with Project Timelines: The timing of translations is critical. Delays in translating essential documents can derail project schedules and lead to costly interruptions. Ensuring that the Japanese technical translations are both timely and accurate requires meticulous coordination and planning.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes has almost two decades of experience in providing the best Japanese translations for businesses and agencies in highly technical sectors, such as engineering, technology, IT, and manufacturing. Our thousands of international business clients trust our Japanese technical translations due to our expertise in ensuring that each project is handled by the right team of language professionals, ensuring that each terminology and jargon in your documents is accurately translated and complying with international standards.

If you're not convinced, below are some of the reasons our customers have told us over the years why they keep coming back to Tomedes:

Proven Expertise: Our track record in delivering precise Japanese technical translations is well-established. We have consistently met the high standards required in the engineering sector, contributing to the success of numerous international projects. As an ISO-certified translation company, Tomedes not only complies with ISO's strict guidelines ensuring the translation's quality. But we have also undergone a thorough accreditation process to be acknowledged as one of the best translation providers worldwide.

Specialized Knowledge: Our translators are not just language experts. They are also seasoned professionals with specific expertise in the engineering industry. This specialized knowledge enables them to handle complex technical content effectively. Through our meticulous vetting process and our broad global network of language professionals, we always make sure that each project will be handled by the right people who have the experience and credentials to provide Japanese technical translations.

Advanced Methodologies: We employ state-of-the-art tools and methodologies that ensure consistency and quality across all translations. Our processes are designed to handle the demands of large-scale, technically complex projects without compromising on the finer details. All our projects are guaranteed to receive high-quality translations every single time. By merging advanced translation technology with the expertise of our technical Japanese translators throughout the process, we ensure that your translations precisely convey the messages and adhere to the standards of your industry. 

The Result

We managed to complete our task within 48 hours. Our client was amazed by how quickly were able to accomplish this project. After evaluating the output from their end, they informed us that they were very pleased with the Japanese technical translations and will now use them in their application to get started with their operations.

Based on our last conversation, our translations have enabled smoother communication with local experts, ensured compliance with local regulations, and supported the successful execution of their engineering projects. This has not only fortified the client’s operational capabilities in Japan but also enhanced its reputation and market presence.


Japanese technical translation is critical for the success of global engineering projects. By ensuring that every document meets the highest standards of accuracy and compliance, we help our clients achieve their operational goals and excel in competitive international markets.

Looking to translate your technical documents from English to Japanese or another language? At Tomedes, we got you covered. Just get in touch with our international customer success team, and they will promptly provide you with the assistance you need.

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