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A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding the urgent professional translation of his business sales form from Japanese to English

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Japanese to English business sales form translation

June 01, 2016

A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding the urgent professional translation of his business sales form from Japanese to English. He had trialled the use of the form on the Japanese version of his website, with excellent results, and was keen to add it to the English version of his website as soon as possible. 

Japanese is a language whose origins are shrouded in mystery. We don’t know when it first appeared in Japan or really much about its prehistory at all. Substantial written use of the language appeared around the 8th century and from there it has developed into the language we recognise today, with some 125 million speakers, primarily in Japan. 

For this client, his Japanese sales form needed to be translated into flawless English. Tomedes has a bank of Japanese business translators on hand to provide this service and so we were delighted to be able to immediately provide a top Japanese translator in order to meet the client’s urgent deadline. 

Our London-based translator had been educated both in the UK and Japan and spoke both languages fluently. His passion for languages meant he was naturally predisposed to a career as a translator, and his grasp of corporate language in both Japanese and English was impressive. 

Given the client’s urgent deadline, the translator got to work straight away. The business sales form was not lengthy and our diligent translator completed the entire translation in under 24 hours. 

The translated form was then reviewed by the Tomedes quality assurance team. These individuals ensure that the work we produce always adheres to the same exacting standards. They are one of the driving forces behind Tomedes’ reputation for providing flawless translations. 

Once approved by the quality assurance team, the business form was sent to the client. He was thrilled at the high speed translation service that Tomedes had provided and even more so with the excellent value for money that he received from us. This combination of service and price has ensured that he has remained a loyal customer for many years – and hopefully will for many years to come!

For all of your translation needs, contact the Tomedes team. You can use our website to obtain an instant quote, or else talk through your requirements with us using our webchat service, by email or on the phone. 

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