Harnessing the Power of Multilingual Voiceovers for Global Health Education Initiatives

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Harnessing the Power of Multilingual Voiceovers for Global Health Education Initiatives

January 09, 2024

Global health education initiatives can share knowledge with diverse audiences. In terms of how to improve health literacy, video content is crucial. It can deliver clear guidance to health practitioners and patients alike, doing much to improve understanding and outcomes. Tomedes recently supported a client’s strategies to improve health literacy by providing a European Portuguese voiceover for educational video content.

Our Client

The client was exploring numerous ways to improve health literacy around the globe, including the publication of educational videos for health practitioners and patients. Its goal was to provide accessible and informative resources that could directly support improved health outcomes in multiple countries.

By combining the client’s health expertise with Tomedes’ linguistic skills, we opened access to the video content to the world’s 250 million Portuguese speakers. This supported the client’s mission to share best practice health resources more widely.

The Project

What does improving health literacy mean? It means empowering individuals and communities to take a more proactive, knowledgeable approach to health matters.

In the case of our recent client, that meant providing a female European Portuguese voiceover artist with a warm, friendly, and knowledgeable tone. Someone with the authenticity to speak to an audience of nurses and patients and inspire trust in them. From a technical perspective, the client required a WAV file synchronized with the source video.

The Importance of Multilingual Voiceover in Health Education

Multilingual voiceovers can significantly improve health literacy by making information more accessible and relatable. They can be used to share health literacy techniques through videos – in this case with nurses helping patients in Portuguese-speaking countries and regions.

How can health literacy become more productive? The more understandable and relatable the content, the more productive health literacy can become. By translating this client’s video content to share it with non-English speakers, we used voiceovers to break down language barriers and enhance the understanding of health concepts across the target audience. This makes improving health literacy more efficient and equitable.

The Challenges

There are both technical and practical challenges to improving health literacy, as this project showcased. These included:

Synchronization with Video Content: It was essential to achieve precise timing and pacing to align the voiceover with the video scenes.

Tone and Delivery: We needed to capture a warm, friendly, and trustworthy tone while conveying health information accurately and authentically.

Technical Quality: We ensured a high-quality recording by using a studio setting to deliver clear and professional audio content.

Why Tomedes?

The client trusted Tomedes to support its strategies to improve health literacy for multiple reasons:

Dedicated Project Management: Our track record and capability in managing multilingual voiceover projects was key.

Expertise in Multilingual Voiceover Projects:
The client knew it could rely on Tomedes to source the right voice talent for trustworthy, authentic, and high-quality audio productions.

Customer-Centric, Tailored Solutions:
Our ability to meet diverse needs, from tone to audience targeting to synchronization, delivered full peace of mind for the client.

The Result

The client’s focus was on improving health literacy in nursing among European Portuguese-speaking audiences. By using video content for its educational initiatives, with professionally recorded multilingual voiceovers, it was able to achieve this aim, making health education more accessible and engaging.

Content in the client’s videos was aimed at nurses and parents. It supported enhanced understanding between them through the delivery of free, high-quality health education resources. The accessible format meant that patients were empowered to make better health-related decisions. They also had the necessary knowledge to engage in planning their care, supporting a patient-centric approach to achieving improved health outcomes.


If your organization is seeking ways to improve health literacy, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. We provide translation and multilingual voiceover services that break down language barriers and connect your content with international audiences to enhance global health literacy.

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