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A recent Tomedes client requested the translation of a batch of historical family papers from Icelandic to English, to understand her background

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Icelandic to English family documents translation

July 20, 2016

Businesses and individuals around the world use translation services as a tool to help them achieve more. For businesses, translation benefits are numerous. Professional translation can help companies to make more sales, gain more customers and reduce their costs, amongst other things. For individuals, translation can give them access to new knowledge and broaden their understanding of the world, as well as helping with practical matters like migration and working overseas. 

A recent Tomedes client requested the translation of a batch of historical family papers from Icelandic to English, to aid her understanding of her own background and circumstances. The Icelandic translation included birth certificates, marriage certificates and genealogical details including a family tree. 

This was a detailed job, requiring excellent attention to detail. Thankfully with 5,000 professional human translators in our network, we knew that we would be able to find the perfect Icelandic translator for this client. At Tomedes we place a strong emphasis on the need for human translation – translation technology is yet to advance sufficiently to enable machines to translate written documents without including clumsy grammatical errors and stilted sentences. Instead, we opt for expert linguists around the world who can provide accurate, professional translation as and when our clients require it. 

This client’s translation involved multiple documents, many of which included abbreviations and hand-written notes. The job was a challenge that our translator relished, as he knew his work would aid the client’s understanding of her place in the world and how she can to be there. 

At the client’s request, we compiled all of the translated papers into one neatly ordered document, ready for her to review at her leisure in her native tongue. She was delighted with the finished product and is thoroughly enjoying learning about her family history. 

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