Historical Document Translation for Museums

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Historical Document Translation for Museums

June 10, 2010

By Ofer Tirosh

Historical Translation for Educational, Religious and Cultural Documents

Historical document translation is how knowledge of past generations, centuries and millenniums have been accessible to anyone, regardless of the language of the historical culture, or the language of those who study historical documents. Historical museums frequently need historical translation for their displays and curated shows to describe and explain the source and history of the documents. Other common needs for historical document translation include educational studies, master's thesis and doctoral dissertations, historical society organizations and cultural events. Historical translators must be highly educated and experienced with translating old language to modern day dialects. Because historical documents should be precise, something like an ancient Latin translation to modern day American English has to be meticulous, and only performed by highly skilled historical Latin translators.

To get a free quote for any historical translation, or for any museum documents translation, simply use the top menu to upload your files and documents or input the total word count. You'll receive an instant estimate without the requirement of any personal information. We don't even require your email address, unlike most professional translation services who use their free quote service to obtain your email address and continually send unwanted spam. What's more, when you compare our historical translation services - or any other of our language translation services - to any top translation company, you'll quickly see that we offer the lowest translation prices available.

Historical Translation Service for Museums in Philly, NYC and D.C.

Recently a museum curator in Philadelphia needed historical document translation service(specific details are strictly prohibited from disclosure due to terms of service and confidentiality agreements) for preparation of a historical study series. The request included Chinese historical translation, as well as Mongolian translation. Because Philadelphia is one of the more historical cities in the U.S, it is a prime candidate for this type of translation service for any of its many museums. However, other cities frequently in need of historical and museum translation include New York and Washington D.C. Large museums in New York and D.C. often need translation of historical documents, as well as document translation service for art history translation, literary document translation, historical book translation, religious document translation, and many other documents of interest.

We provide historical document translation not only for museums, as mentioned before, but for many organizations, institutions and educational facilities. Some recent examples are Latin translation of a historical religious text, French literary translation, and ancient classical Greek poetry translation to accompany a display. Because of our low cost, fast turnaround and high quality translations, we continue to be the leading historical translation service.

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