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Tomedes regularly translates business documents, such as the Hebrew to English product catalog translation that we recently undertook.

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Hebrew to English Product Catalog Translation

April 21, 2014

As well as often translating public-facing marketing documents, Tomedes also regularly translates business to business documents, such as the Hebrew to English product catalog translation that a client recently asked us to undertake.

A manufacturer of screws, nails and similar goods, the client was looking to expand the list of businesses that stocked his products. He felt that an English version of his product catalog was the next step in the development of his company and the expansion of his brand.

Tomedes was most happy to help. Our network of over 5,000 professional human translators means that we always have the right person for every translation job, including many Hebrew to English translators with experience of translating business documents. 

Our best business translator in Blackpool was available to commence work immediately and, though the product catalog was extensive, worked methodically at it over the course of seven business days. Our desktop publishing team worked on the English version of the catalog to ensure that the presentation matched that of the Hebrew version and then our professional proofreading team then reviewed the translated document, as part of our standardized quality assurance process.

We delivered the final version to the client just two weeks after he assigned the work to us. He was thrilled with our fast, efficient and cost-effective service. 

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