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Presenting a business to new audiences often requires marketing translation services, such as Tomedes' recent Hebrew to English market research translation.

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Hebrew to English Market Research Translation

March 17, 2014

Presenting a business to new global audiences often requires marketing translation services, such as the Hebrew to English market research translation that Tomedes undertook last week.

Market research translation is a specialised area of work, requiring the translator to understand marketing phrases in both languages – it’s as much about localisation as it is about translation. This is why Tomedes maintains a network of over 5,000 professional translators with a huge range of different backgrounds. This includes marketing specialists for almost all language pairings.

In order to meet this client’s requirements, we turned to one of our leading Hebrew translators, based in Ramat Gan, who we knew would not only be able to provide flawless market research translation, but would also be able to meet the client’s urgent deadline with ease. Tomedes’ flexible network of translators means that we can be extremely responsive to clients who need their translations in a hurry.

After the translator had undertaken the work, we asked our professional proofreading team to quality-check the documents before handing them back to the client. He was delighted with the work that Tomedes had undertaken – we had provided fast, accurate translation at an incredibly competitive cost

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