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Legal document translation requires exceptional attention to detail, such as the recent Hebrew to English translation for one of Tomedes�' clients.

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Hebrew to English Legal Document Translation

January 23, 2014

Legal document translation requires exceptional attention to detail, as demonstrated by the recent translation of legal documents from Hebrew to English for one of Tomedes’ clients. The set of documents related to a property in Israel, which was being inherited by a distant family member in the US. As the client in question did not read Hebrew, he asked Tomedes to translate the full batch of documents into English.

With a bank of over 5,000 professional translators, Tomedes is ready to tackle just about any language pairing that needs translating. Hebrew to English translation is a regular undertaking for our team and for this job we used one of our translators based in New York. Having trained and practised as a solicitor before becoming a professional translator following his early retirement, we knew he was the perfect man for the job.

The translator spent a week working on the documents, ensuring that the complex legal terms were flawlessly translated from the original Hebrew into English. We then subjected the documents to our standard quality checks before presenting them to the client. He was most pleased with the efficiency of the Tomedes service, as well as with our keen pricing, and is now progressing smoothly with the legal process of his inheritance. 

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