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Hebrew to English Human Resource Translation

February 04, 2014

Attracting international staff can be a difficult business, but translated job descriptions can help, as Tomedes proved with the Hebrew to English human resource translation that we undertook for a client based in Beit Shemesh, Israel last month.

The client needed to build up his international sales team and was looking to recruit English staff for both his Beit Shemesh office and his London office. As such, he needed job descriptions, company policies and terms and conditions documents translated from Hebrew to English.

Tomedes has a global network of more than 5,000 professional translators, including experts in human resource translation in almost every language pairing. We contacted one of our translators in Cambridge to undertake this job, as his background in corporate human resources ensured he was the perfect person to provide the translation.

The client provided the raft of documents and within a week our translator had provided the English version of them. We carried out our usual round of rigorous proofreading and quality assurance processes before handing the translated documents back to the client.

The client was thrilled with the fast turnaround of the translated texts and with the low price that Tomedes charged for them. His recruitment campaign is going well and he expects to be able to provide us with a set of employment contracts to translate from Hebrew into English very soon. 

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