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International businesses require translation for many purposes, such as the Greek to English human resource translation recently completed by Tomedes.

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Greek to English Business translation

March 26, 2014

International businesses require translation for a wide range of purposes, such as the Greek to English human resource translation recently completed by Tomedes.

Tomedes specialises in providing competitively priced human translation services. We never rely on machines to undertake our translation work – they just aren’t accurate enough. Instead, we work with a worldwide network of over 5,000 professional translators, covering just about every language pairing imaginable.

A new client approached us recently, asking for the translation of a number of documents from Greek to English. The documents were references for an individual that the company wished to hire. He had recently relocated from Greece to the UK and had impressed the client at interview, but his former employers were all based on mainland Greece and thus the references provided were in Greek.

Tomedes got to work straight away. We assigned the job to one of our specialist human resource translators based in London’s Palmers Green area. His background in the recruitment sector meant that he was familiar with the language used in the documents from a phraseology standpoint as well as a linguistic one.

The translated documents were quickly provided to the client, who was thrilled with the fast, accurate and competitively priced service that Tomedes had provided. A week later, the new employee began work for the client and is now nearing the end of his first full month with them. 

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