Greek to English literary translation

Our Greek to English literary translator recently took on a project for a Tomedes client.

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Greek to English literary translation

April 15, 2018

Working on a literary translation is always a fascinating experience. Both prose and poetry require immense skill on the part of the translator if they are to be converted into the target language while maintaining the feel and flow of the original work. 

Tomedes manages a network of professional translators based all over the world, including many who specialise in literary translation. Between them they cover a wide range of language pairings. Most recently, it was our Greek to English literary translator who took on a project for a Tomedes client.

The client had just completed her second novel and was keen to take advantage of the UK’s growing appetite for literary fiction from overseas. She was planning to self-publish in Greek and English at the same time. While her spoken English was passable, she knew that she needed a professional touch when it came to her novel. As such, Tomedes stepped up to the plate. 

Our Greek translation professional worked closely with the client over the course of the translation. The pair maintained a steady dialogue to ensure that the English-language version of the novel closely reflected the Greek version, as the translator diligently worked her way through the book. It was a lengthy project, but the translator established a good pace and workflow, tackling the job as quickly as possible while still maintaining quality standards. 

The job was a resounding success. The client was thrilled with the carefully crafted English version of her novel, which she felt was perfect for engaging with readers in the UK and other English-speaking nations. She already has a plot outline in mind for her third literary work and plans to be in touch with Tomedes once more upon its completion. 

For translations of all shapes and sizes – from single business cards to entire novels – contact the Tomedes team. 

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