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We have translated a press release for a German cosmetics company

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German to French technical press release translation

February 25, 2010

Services: German to French translation, Press release translation, technical translation, cosmetics translation

We have recently completed a French translation of a press release written in German. The CEO personal assistant of a German company in the field of cosmetics contacted us after getting our contact details from satisfied clients of Tomedes in Germany.

He has asked us to translate a press release they have written describing a new product they have released. They wanted to send the press release to the big French cosmetic companies and professional magazines to get their attention. The press release was slightly technical including professional terms in the fields of cosmetics and perfumes.

We have assigned a French translator who specializes in the field of cosmetics to take care of this translation. He has been translating materials for French cosmetics companies and as such he has known how to adopt the style to the one they favored.

We have provided a high quality French translation of the press release within a couple of days and got great feedback from the client who had managed to initiate a business relationship with a French company thanks to our translation.

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