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A client recently requested German to English textbook translation for New York area schools

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German to English Translation of Textbook in Economics

May 10, 2010

Textbook translation is more commonly circulated throughout Europe than it in the U.S. and Canada. However, private schools and public schools with gifted or accelerated academic programs - especially in urban areas like New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C. - that use European textbooks and other scholastics, thus requiring academic textbook translation. A client recently requested a German to English economics textbook translation for New York area schools (specific information cannot be disclosed due to strict confidentiality agreements). The client required German to English translators with experience in German economics translation as well as technical translation of finances.

Textbook translation can come in all shapes and sizes, in all lengths and subject areas, but nevertheless remains a necessary part of education. To get your own free quote on any German textbook translation, or any translation of a textbook, simply input the number of words or upload the file using the menu on the left, and enter the information. You'll receive an instant estimate, which will probably pleasantly surprise you when you see how much lower our translation costs are compared to any other professional translation company.

German to English economics textbook translation is one of many languages and subject areas that Tomedes can supply translators for. With a large resource of over 5,000 translators worldwide, we offer translation for textbooks and any other documents for subjects and languages such as:

  • English to Spanish textbook translation
  • English to Portuguese textbook translation
  • Swedish to English textbook translation
  • medical textbook translation
  • math textbook translation
  • legal studies textbook translation
  • history text translation

These are just a few examples of textbook languages and subjects areas we provide for translation. In addition to textbooks, we also provide many other kinds of academic document translation, such as historical document translation, literary text translation, religious document translation, and much more.

For this particular German translation of a textbook there were 315 total pages that needed to be translated from English. For projects of this size and subject matter, typically two German textbook translators are assigned, one German proofreader, and an expert German academic translation supervisor to oversee progress and ensure quality and speed of translation completion. For any questions or further inquiries regarding translation of academic documents or textbook translation, contact us at, or connect to our live chat available 24 hours for immediate free consultation.

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