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A long-term client recently asked us to translate a business development document from German to English for him.

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December 06, 2013

A long-term client recently asked us to translate a business development document from German to English for him, as part of his company’s expansion across Europe. We are receiving this kind of request for support more and more these days, as businesses no longer feel bound by the borders of their own country, but are instead looking to the global marketplace. 

For development documents, as with all business documents, accuracy and efficiency are essential skills for the translator to possess. At Tomedes we operate a global network of translators from a vast range of backgrounds. Although they are all now working as professional translators, their career history means that they bring more than just linguistic skills to their work with us. 

For many of our business document translations, we turn to one of our translators in Bolton – a lady who has both run her own business and worked as an employee for other companies. We have found that this combination of experience, along with her flair for languages, makes her the perfect candidate to undertake business document translation. We always focus our translation services in this way, to ensure that each of Tomedes’ clients receives the highest quality translation within our prescribed timescales

With over 12,000 words, the translation of this document was a large undertaking. We estimated it would take between five and six business days and happily completed the work within five. The client was extremely impressed with the end result, in terms of both accuracy and efficiency. It’s the reason he has been using Tomedes for his translation requirements for so many years. 

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