German Technical Translation

Tomedes recently undertook a German technical translation job for a new client. Read about it here!

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German Technical Translation

August 05, 2020

A new client recently approached Tomedes as his business needed a technical translation from German to English. With a well-established German technical translation team in place, Tomedes was perfectly positioned to help. 

German Technical Translation – Quality Guaranteed

Germany has something of a reputation for its technical prowess. Indeed, Engineering Daily flags up German engineers as leaders in their field as a result of their commitment to precision, function and power. This is one reason why Germany has become such an international success as an advanced manufacturing hub, exporting machinery and industrial equipment around the globe. 

That export process requires German companies to communicate in multiple languages in order to both market and deliver their products. German businesses must discuss their technical products in detail with those who could buy or use them, meaning that both interpretation and translation come into play as part of the sales process, as well as forming a part of the after-sales support service. 

German technical translation has to be as precise as German technology. Accuracy is essential, as even the smallest typo in a technical document could have serious ramifications. 

As such, our translation service takes a number of steps in order to assure the quality of our translation products. This includes using native speakers not just of the target language (in this case, English) but also of the target region (so, UK English rather than US English in this instance). 

We also ensure that our translators’ backgrounds and experience closely match the job at hand. For this client, for example, that meant using an experienced technical translation professional rather than a more general translator. You can read a further case study highlighting the value of this experience matching by clicking the link below. 

Our quality assurance process also means that all translation work is proofread before it is handed over to the client. This final stage acts as a catch-all for any typos or ambiguous phrasing that may have slipped through the net during the translation process. 

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Our Network of German Technical Translators

In order to deliver accurate German translation – both German technical translation and other specialist language services – and to meet our clients’ often short deadlines, we have to have the right translators to hand at very short notice. 

With over 13 years of experience delivering translation services, Tomedes has had plenty of time in order to set up a system that ensures precisely that. Our network of translators encompasses a range of regional German linguists, as well as expertise in several key areas of work – legal translation, website translation, medical translation and so forth. 

This extensive network of skilled translators has meant that our German translation services have served a huge number of clients over the years, including many who have needed to access translation in order to meet their business growth objectives. 

Our recent client needed translation for this reason. His German company was working with a number of customers in different countries in order to establish new opportunities to sell their products. 

Discussions with one company in the UK had got to a serious stage. The client could speak reasonably good English (as around 56% of the German population can). However, he felt that he needed to use a professional translation service once the conversation got to a certain point of serious, which is why Tomedes stepped in to help. 

Technical Translation Services

This particular German technical translation focused on a feasibility study and a number of data sheets. These are just two of the types of documents that fall under the technical translation services umbrella and for which we have skilled and experienced translators standing by. 

Other technical services include the translation of manuals, training materials, government standards and regulations, patent documentation, process related documents and more. Each area of work requires the utmost attention to detail and must be undertaken by translators with relevant industry knowledge. This is key to ensuring the accuracy of the resulting translations. 

Many businesses – such as our client’s one, in this example – use technical translation to build up their international exports business. In order to do so, they have to provide technical information to buyers, resellers and other partners overseas. There is no room for error in the provision of such documentation. A mistake could mean the product was misrepresented, leading to confusion, problems and even lawsuits, depending on the nature of the mistake. 

This means that technical translation clients need to have complete faith in the language services providers that they use. At Tomedes, we work closely with our clients to build up trusting relationships. This means they can rest easy, knowing their translation work is in safe hands. 

As part of this commitment to quality and transparency, we are happy to provide a certificate of translation for any document. This certified translation process is a way to reassure the person receiving the translated document that it is a wholly accurate representation of the original.

As such, Tomedes’ clients can demonstrate to their customers that the translation has been delivered professionally and that its content is guaranteed to match that of the original. This helps them to build up their own trusting relationships and to sell their products with confidence, no matter which language they are doing so in. 

Looking for German Technical Translations?

Is your business looking for German technical translation services? Whether you need to convert technical documents from German to English or English to German, Tomedes is here to help. Our technical services are timely, accurate and trustworthy and you’ll have a dedicated account manager to oversee every element of the work. 

Our German translators cover a wide range of technical expertise, so no matter which industry or sector you’re working in, we’re confident that we can provide a suitably qualified and experienced individual to help with your translation. We’re also in a position to match your language requirements carefully, with translators who cover both a selection of German dialects and an array of English dialects. 

If you’re in need of technical translation services (whether German or for any other language), you can contact us to discuss your requirements. We’re available by phone, email and live chat, so simply pick the method of communication that suits you best. And if you’re just after a quick indicative price for your technical translation job, you can use the translation quote on our website for an instant figure. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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