German MTPE Services for Transcript Translation

Tomedes provides fast and accurate German MTPE solutions for businesses seeking to translate transcripts and documents. Our team merges advanced translation technology with the expertise of native German translators to offer high-quality post-edited German translations.

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German MTPE Services

April 16, 2024

With over 130 million German speakers worldwide, many businesses are interested in targeting this specific market. Due to this, the demand for translations has increased over the years. However, sometimes businesses need immediate translations for certain types of content.

In this project, we demonstrate our skill in providing German MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) solutions for a company specializing in broadcasting, news, and documentary services that want to expand in the German market. 

Our Client

Our client is a renowned company that provides broadcasting, news, and documentary services. They're seeking to expand into German-speaking markets and need to translate English transcripts into German. Because of how time-sensitive the information the transcripts are they want swift and precise translations that conventional translation services wouldn't be able to provide due to the sheer number of transcripts and content involved in this project.

Because of this, they decided to look for a company offering expert German MTPE solutions. While researching the best post-editing translation providers, they came across Tomedes and were impressed with our 98% customer satisfaction rate. They then decided to contact us to immediately have their transcripts translated, enhancing their content's reach and engagement with their diverse German-speaking audiences.

The Project

The project entailed implementing MTPE services from English to German for various transcripts of videos and audio-based content. This includes interviews, documentary content, news reports, podcasts, and economic analysis video content. The client needed all translated transcripts within 24 hours.

Each transcript required meticulous attention to ensure that the translation reflected the original's tone, intent, and clarity while being tailored to fit the client's specific needs in the dynamic field of news and media.

Why German MTPE is Essential for Multimedia and News Transcripts

As previously mentioned, there are 130 million German speakers worldwide, making it an enticing market to enter. German MTPE can help integrate a business' brand presence more quickly and make its solution more accessible to a broader audience. By combining the speed of machine translation with the post-editing skills of language professionals, the MTPE process guarantees fast delivery of translations without compromising their quality.

When it comes to broadcasting, news, and media companies, the accuracy of transcriptions is essential. For viewers who are deaf-mute, reading the transcriptions is an easier way for them to get the news they need.

Some viewers prefer reading transcripts while listening to their favorite podcasts and news channels so they can properly understand the information provided to them. From a legal standpoint, some regions and countries require these types of companies to provide a transcript for legal compliance, ensuring that these companies aren't misinformation to their audience.

Project Challenges

Tomedes is no stranger to complying with tight deadlines and ensuring high quality in all our projects. However, we still experience issues in our translation process. Below, we will discuss the three main challenges we faced in this project:

Balancing Speed with Accuracy: Translating time-sensitive transcripts demanded a method that could keep pace with urgent timelines without compromising on quality.

Cultural and Contextual Relevance: The translations needed to resonate with German cultural norms and expressions to ensure relevance and engagement.

Maintaining Original Voice and Intent: It was imperative to preserve the speaker’s original voice and intent, maintaining authenticity throughout the translated transcripts.

Why Tomedes?

With almost two decades of experience in the translation industry, Tomedes is one of the most trusted providers of German translations and over 150 languages for businesses worldwide. We have also been a long-time advocate of combining state-of-the-art translation technology with the expertise of native translators as a step towards making language solutions more accessible to the global market, as we understand that language barriers can detrimentally affect a company's branding and income.

However, that's not all. Below are some of the other reasons why our clients have made us their go-to German MTPE provider:

Advanced Expertise: Tomedes boasts cutting-edge capabilities in integrating AI translation tools with expert human editing, ensuring optimal translation results. To stay ahead of competitors, we are always looking for the latest translation software and tools to integrate and enhance our services. Our company is ISO-certified in MTPE solutions, guaranteeing that your post-edited content is locally and internationally accepted by government and private institutions.

Cultural Insights: Our deep understanding of German cultural and linguistic nuances sets our translations apart, ensuring each piece resonates deeply with its intended audience. Our team of native German translators has the expertise to ensure that the content captures subtle cultural references and adapts them appropriately, enhancing the overall impact and engagement of the content. Consequently, our translations do more than simply convey information as they can engage and connect with German users on a meaningful level.

Proven Track Record: Our long-standing history of delivering top-tier MTPE solutions across various content types solidifies our reputation in the translation industry. This extensive experience has equipped us with the ability to handle a diverse range of content, like transcriptions, with unmatched precision and efficiency. As a result, our consistent delivery of high-quality translations reinforces our position as a trusted leader in the field.

The Result

We were able to complete the project hours before the deadline. Our client was astonished by how fast we were able to accomplish our task. They admitted that they didn't have high expectations of the level of quality of our German MTPE solutions. However, after evaluating the output, they told us that it exceeded far beyond their expectations, and they look forward to more collaborative projects in the future.

Last we heard from them, they had now begun implementing the translated transcriptions and had seen an increase in engagement from  German-speaking audiences. 


German post-editing translations are pivotal in translating and refining transcripts, ensuring that every translated document meets the highest standards of linguistic excellence. Merging advanced technology with expert human oversight, allows us to provide fast and precise language solutions to our clients that ensure they achieve their goals and aspirations in the global market.

If you want to avail our high-quality German MTPE services, you can contact us any time. Our global customer success team is always available to accommodate any inquiries you have. 

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