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A Tomedes client needed to use our legal translation service in order to obtain a German translation of his document

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German to English Legal Translation

October 09, 2019

Tomedes has worked with clients around the world for well over a decade. During that time, we’ve delivered everything from medical translations to translations of audio and video files. We’ve worked with commonly spoken languages and some far more obscure tongues, always putting our clients’ satisfaction at the centre of what we do. 

Most recently, a client approached us with a legal document that was written in German. He needed to understand the document in full and, while he spoke some German, he wasn’t entirely confident that he understood the technical terms and legal language. As such, he wanted to read it in his native language: English. That meant he needed the support of a German translation professional. 

The Tomedes team was delighted to help. For each job, we provide a dedicated project manager (as well as a translator) to liaise with the client and ensure that all their needs are understood and met. Doing so means that we can deliver an holistic service that takes care of everything, from desktop publishing requirements to content writing in multiple languages, as well as interpretation and translation. 

Professional German Translation Services

For this client, we sought out our leading German to English legal translator. Tomedes has a global network of language professionals to call on in order to meet our clients’ needs. We work with translators who are qualified linguists, using a native speaker of the target language for each job (as this usually makes for a higher quality translation). 

Our German translator was available to start work immediately, as she had just wrapped up another translation project. She read through the client’s legal document and began to translate it to English. 

The German-English language pairing is one that Tomedes works with regularly. The two languages are, in many ways, very similar. Both are descended from proto-Germanic, having diverged around 500 years ago. The development of English was heavily influenced by Germanic tribes, albeit with a fair smattering of French and Latin thrown in following the Norman conquest. 

Today, German and English still show similarities, with 80 of English’s most commonly used 100 words being of German descent. There are many similarities in both spelling and pronunciation, meaning that the two languages are not so different after all. 

Accurate Legal Translation Services 

Legal translation is a highly skilled craft. The translator must show mastery of legal terminology and concepts, which many of us would struggle to comprehend, in not one but two languages. That’s why legal translation services are so highly prized. 

In the UK, it takes three years to complete a law degree and five to become a barrister. In Germany, a law degree often takes five years to complete, with a mandatory clerkship and further exams also required, meaning that qualifying as a lawyer usually takes around seven years. 

This intense time commitment puts into perspective the incredible skill required to translate legal papers from one language to another.  

In the case of Tomedes’ recent client, our translator demonstrated her deep knowledge of legal terms in both German and English, delivering an accurate legal translation so that the client could fully understand what he was reading. 

The drive to keep our clients happy means that the Tomedes team is always conscious of customers’ particular needs. Our project managers work closely with each client in order to match the requirements of their jobs with our translators’ expertise. In this case, that meant serving our client by providing a highly experienced legal translator who could provide him with a flawless legal translation. So that’s precisely what we did! 

Express Translation Services for Global Customers 

When you translate for a living, you soon come to appreciate that sometimes, even the best laid plans can go awry. That’s why our translation agency offers an express translation service that provides clients with an incredibly fast and responsive translation timescale. It’s one of several ways in which we are able to deliver our clients’ translations precisely when they need them – even when time is short. 

In a world that’s always switched on, there are plenty of reasons why a client might need a translation at short notice. In the case of this client, he needed to understand the meaning of his legal papers with all due speed, so that he could work out what action was required from him in response to it. Tomedes was pleased to be able to take such an active role in helping him to achieve his goal. 

Translation Services to Meet Every Need

Whether you’re in need of legal translation or any other kind of document translation service, Tomedes is here to help. We will provide you with a suitably qualified and experienced language professional, ready to convert your files into the language(s) that you need. Speak to us by phone, email or the live chat service on our website in order to find out more. 


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