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A recent Tomedes customer in Germany wanted to expand his business to sell products to English-speaking customers

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German to English product brochure translation

December 06, 2015

The translation of product brochures is an essential tool in helping many companies to fulfil their potential. You may have created an incredible product, but if the majority of the world doesn’t know about it then your sales potential is hugely limited. 

A recent Tomedes customer understood this completely. He had designed and manufactured his product in Germany, but wanted to reach out to a wider audience than just his homeland when the time came to sell his goods. He had written a detailed product brochure in German and needed a professional translation of it into English. 

When it comes to business translation, only professional human translators will do. Machine translation is not yet advanced enough to provide a translation that sounds natural and of high enough quality to be used for professional purposes. To reach out to a global audience with product and marketing information that has been translated accurately, it’s essential to use a professional translation agency such as Tomedes. 

This client certainly saw the benefit of having a professional translator convert his product brochure from German to English. He was able to present his wares to the English-speaking world and thus reach out to hundreds of millions of potential customers who would otherwise have been closed off to him. He has already uploaded the English product brochure to the English language version of his website, so that customers can download it to find out all about the goods that he is producing. 

Can your business afford to ignore the benefits of translation? Contact Tomedes today for a no obligation chat about how using the services of our team of professional translators could help you to meet your business objectives and enhance your sales figures. We are available 24/7 to assist you with making your company the best that it can be. 

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